Wall Mounting at Roberts Television is done to the highest of standard and safety by our highly qualified engineers using our specialized equipment. You can speak to a member of our team and discuss the different options and types of brackets that are available for you and your television.

“Add comfort to your television viewing, by installing your Television onto a Wall Bracket with Wall Mounting by Roberts Television Services.”

A wall-mounted TV can have many advantages including creating more space in a small room, bedroom or even kitchen. It can also be aesthetically pleasing and add a modern look to its surroundings and perhaps more importantly protect your expensive television against theft or damage.

There is a massive range of Wall brackets available to you, to fit all sizes and weights of televisions, there are even brackets allowing you to have your TV on the ceiling. Some brackets are rigid and some are adjustable – tilting or turning away from sunlight or towards your seating area. Our qualified engineers can discuss this and all the other options available to you, please visit our store or call us on 01902 562888 or 01902 306777.