Our landline is back to normal

A very quick update, we had recently had some problems with our landline telephone number. This has now been resolved by our provider and you can now contact us again using: 01902562888. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Problems with Telephone Number

We are currently having some issues with our telephone provider but for the time being, our landline telephone number 01902 562888 is currently unavailable. Please use 07973685637 until further notice – we hope to have the issue resolved as soon as possible. You can still contact us through all our other social media platforms and […]

Freeview – Quick Start Guide

All standard Freeview devices come with set-up instructions, but in case you’re having problems, we’ve put together some information to help you along. Here’s how to set up a Freeview-ready TV and a Freeview recorder. Setting up a Freeview-ready TV Here’s a general guide on how to set up a Freeview-ready TV: Setting up a Freeview recorder […]